The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: RiDICKulousness!!!

For all the fans of “Housewives of Atlanta,” I’m sure the last episode surely grabbed your attention. One can safely say that this is probably the best of the Housewives on Bravo; and, like most Sunday nights, the drama and surprises rolled in.

At only four episode of the new season, this is turning out to be weeks of animosity (most geared towards Nene), sex, and family crises.

Let us look at all the major events of the last episode.

Kim – Kim Zolciak is definitely calmer this season than all the others. I guess she is trying to make her transition before airing her spin-off show. Also, we probably need to thank Kroy for all the attention he has been showering on her. But, is it me or do you think being friends with Phaedra made this statement a bit shady coming from Kim? “Note to self: keep the ex cons and ***holes off the guest list next time.” It is quite okay for her to be upset though as Peter and Apollo created a scene at her baby shower. I find it classy of Phaedra to bring her a gift basket as well as cough up an apology for her husband’s bad behavior. Cynthia on the other hand did not apologize, nor did she bring a gift at the shower. How rude or was she?

Kandi – Kandi Burruss may be 35 but she sure did not feel that way when her mother, Joyce, reprimanded her on having male stripper, RiDICKulous, displaying some very lewd tricks at her birthday party. To be honest, the act would have been more acceptable if it were done at a bachelorette party or a private birthday party with all females or gay men! RiDICKulous! Joyce was not pleased, so she left Kandi’s party furious and disappointed.

Phaedra – Phaedra Parks has become so funny, every week viewers watch her to hear the next crazy one-liners she will deliver. She is definitely good with them. This week she found herself in hot water when she got the stripper to perform at Kandi’s birthday party. One could tell she felt bad when Joyce got upset. Kandi was not upset. In fact, she was enjoying the action so much, she even expressed this statement, “Given how big that is, he probably gets sued for damages.” Last week Phaedra initiated the fight with Peter and Apollo. We cannot wait to see what trouble she will get herself in next week.

Cynthia – Cynthia Bailey is probably one of the most peaceful of the ladies on this show. However, she has the potential to cause a ruckus if needs be. She tried to get her sister, Malorie and her husband, Peter to squash their differences by talking about what happened at the wedding.  At the wedding, Malorie and Cynthia’s mom was concerned for Cynthia’s happiness and had doubts Peter was ideal for her, so they temporarily hid the marriage certificate. When Peter and Cynthia found out, they were livid. While discussing the incident, Malorie and Peter got into a heated argument about whose actions was right or wrong. In the end, there was no solution because neither wanted to apologize. Personally, I believe Malorie needs to apologize because neither she nor her mom had any business doing what they did…shifty!

Sheree  – Sheree Whitfield was all geared up to get her new home – Chateau Sheree – up by winter. Unfortunately, there was no improvement on the house. She brought Phaedra with her to drive fear in the contractor by threatening to sue if he considers delaying the work of getting the job done effectively.

Nene– Nene Leakes was the first person to show signs of disgust when the stripper took out his ‘weapon of mass destruction’ and placed it in Kandi’s drink then tasted it. Her facial expression told us it was a dreaded sight. What a sight for anyone to witness!!  The question we ask, is Nene being hypocritical knowing that she was a stripper in the past? Also, what is this we hear from her; she had sex with Gregg after her trip from Miami? Sneaky! Sneaky!!

Lawrence – Lawrence Washington looked his worst since he’s been on the show. Phaedra did not lie when she said, “Lawrence looks like Mr. T dipped in Wonder Woman. Super hero of the South!” He looked like an upgraded scarecrow!

Basically, this show is never lacking of excitement or entertainment. Tune in next week at 9p.m (Est) to see the new episode.  Based on the preview, Marlo Hampton – the new Housewife –will be introduced. This should be an interesting episode to watch!

eliteBUZZ is certainly sizzling with this one. Brace yourself for more scoops – this is riDICKulously funny.